Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The boys got their own pots and pans

We had the best time today with the twins. They LOVED their own pots and pans and lost interest in Papa's right off the bat. They stirred and mixed and even 'cooked' up some Cheerios and ate them off the spoon and spatula...lol

I can only imagine how much more fun it is going to be when little grand girl gets here! E says she will learn how to fish and the little boys will learn how to cook. And I think it will be far too much fun!

Hope your Tues was a good one!


Janet M said...

You got some really adorable pictures of the boys with the new pots and pans, I can only imagine the fun they will have with them.

Pam said...

omg...adorable!! and I noticed (as only a scrapbooker does) that their sippy cups are color coordinated with their shirts. Planned, Nana?

LyndaKay said...

They are having a blast, aren't they! What a terrific gift!