Monday, September 26, 2011

Nana has been Christmas shopping

The little guys LOVE E's pots and pans and they drag them out of the cabinets and all around the kitchen. I told E that they will break the tiles but he thinks that is a good excuse to replace

I came close to buying the Kids' Pottery Barn cook set last night when K and I went to the Baby Event and so glad I waited. The PB set was two pans (nice ones) and some utensils and a hot pad, maybe for $40.00. Now, nothing is too good for our boys but Nana has to draw the line somewhere.

Today, after discovering my good slim line camera was not working correctly, I headed to my favorite stores: Beall's Outlet, Big Lots and TJMaxx but my big finds all came from Big Lots.

And I found these darling pots and pans in fun retro colors for 4.00$ each and the utensils for the same price. They are about 1/3 the size of E's pots and pans and can actually be used for cooking although that is a bit of a ways off. E says he and the boys are making the holiday cookies together this year...I'll watch from a safe distance.

Other finds, 2 striped tees for our boys to keep at our house (2.50 each and they are Carters), 2 books for the little guys for Christmas (one is entitled "Papa does it this way" and is about perfect..oh, and 2.00 each), darling bibs and wash cloths for new baby in lovely greens and PINKS and head band with OUTRAGEOUSLY LARGE flowers..another 2.50 each). Had far too much fun today...oh

and I got a cheapo Vivitar flip screen cam/video to get me through Disney for only 25.00 but E says he'll schlep the big cam for me anyway.

Look out we come!


Liz said...

Awww how fun... it's almost here.

LyndaKay said...

What could be more fun than shopping for grandkids? Have fun at the Epcot festival w/ Janet.

Egle "FairyMouseMom" Liutkus said...

Even I would use those! (I got a cool deal when I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond....$0.98 each for 3 kids' sized whisk, ladle, and spatula....and, guess who uses them?????)

Egle "FairyMouseMom" Liutkus said...

COOL...even I would use those. (I got a steal of a deal at Bed, Bath, and Beyond....for $0.98 clearance price....clearance....3 utensils....kid-sized....a whisk, ladle, and spatula...and guess who uses them?)