Friday, September 23, 2011

September weekends are booked solid and Oct is filling fast

I am off to crop at my favorite lss in the Tampa area tonight, Posh Scraps, with some of my favorite women. And tomorrow is the Thirty One bags and totes party with Beth Reed at my house. Next week is Tues., little guys here, Wed., little guys at their house, Thurs., cropping at Posh, and Friday? we leave for Orlando to meet up with the Millers, their daughter and her sweetie for a three day fun time.

Friday, we're planning on hitting the Magic Kingdom, Sat. is the Main Event: Epcot's Food and Wine Festival and Sunday, Animal Kingdom before E and I head back home. Our house sitter is booked and all that is left is to pack our bags!

We are staying at the Coronado Springs Resort at Disney. I've never stayed at this one before and E has not been to Disney since he was in college many many moons ago.

And that is just Sept.

In Oct, I am teaching my canvas 3d shadow box at Posh Scraps in the morning of Oct 8 and we have Dinner Club at our house that evening...OLE! E has decided on a cosmopolitan Spanish theme. Thinking longingly back to Barcelona!

Oct. 14th starts the online crop at A Cherry on Top and Krop for Kids, here in Tampa is down in St. Pete the 15th with Jacque, Di and Janet and a slew of other fine friends.

The following weekend, our poor house sitter is back as we head to the other side of the state for a visit to Kim and Mitch. Last discussion on where we are heading was either St. Augustine or the Bahamas.

And then we have those scary little boys trick or treating at Nana and Papa's for H'ween.

I truly do live in Paradise where dreams come true!

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karen said...

Jan Buzun and I are staying at the Coronado when we go down the end of meet Pam and Marcel for a week of food and wine!!!! So looking forward to it!!

Looking forward to your feedback!!