Friday, September 02, 2011

So if yesterday was Thurs...then it's the WEEKEND!

Diane and I met our pal, Jacque at O'Keefe's in Clearwater to give her a break from the hospital where her beloved Pete is recovering from his recent heart surgery. Quick healing, Pete.

I remembered the name of the restaurant because that is where the kids use to go to celebrate St. Pat's. We never made it that far south as we usually end up in Dunedin instead. So, this was my first time at O'Keefe's and it was a delight. I had the pork tenderloin and it was almost as good as the last one I had here in Florida compared to the Iowa sandwiches by which I judge all others. All three of us were very pleased with our meals and it was so good to see the gals again. Di has been cruising, E and I have been mad busy with family and Jacque has been taking care of her honey.

Speaking of family, the two little boys are sick with sinus and ear infections. Chris took them both to the dr. yesterday and he gave them their first dose of the meds right there in the office. Hope they feel good enough to come visit Nana and Papa for Memorial Day.

Hope your weekend is a lovely and safe one!

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madcow said...

Oh what a gorgeous photo of 3 of my favourite women!! Gentle hugs to my two little mates with sore ears .. no fun at all.