Saturday, September 03, 2011

Super Sat.

Nana and Papa have been Christmas shopping and could not resist these for our baby granddaughter. We've been buying things in various sizes so as she grows, she'll still be Best Dressed! lol

The lanai is finished! The trim and the base colors were reversed per our friend, Bridgett's suggestion and it turned out great. Tomorrow we'll clean out there and put things back where they belong. E did this already in the front with the dragon flies on the front side of the garage and the door is painted one shade darker than the trim. I am one happy camper. The rest of the house should be done next week.

The little guys are feeling so much better. The meds ar kicking in finally. Dropped the Beall's ten bucks off coupon off for the kids and used mine on a pair of dress black capris. Original price 40.00, minus 1/2 off, minus an additional 30% off that and with my ten dollar coupon....4.28. Love a bargain!

Stopped by Posh Scraps and got to chat with a bunch of gals. Katherine and Diane from St. Pete are such neat ladies as are all the women I've met through the store. Katherine, hope to see you next Thurs and Diane, thanks for the lovely chat! Great minds do think alike, I am convinced.

Picked up some of the new G45 ABC Primer line to do some layouts for the owner and some other assorted papers for myself, of course. Thinking I'll do some scrapping today but first


Hope you are having a great weekend.


LyndaKay said...

Looks like Nana got her cute-clothes shopping fix. You may be jumping in the pool today, but we're getting ready to close ours this week. What a difference 20 degrees of latitude make!

Janet M said...

Oh how cute the outfits are- it's fun to shop for boys but there is always something about little girl clothes.
I heard Miss Becca Who has been shopping also.