Friday, October 14, 2011

Another day with our boys!

Since I never know how blogger is going to load my photos, I'll let you play mix and match! lol In one, Landon doing the downward facing dog yoga pose, in another Colvin cuddling with Papa, a third one, the boys wrestling with Colvin on top, Landon with his wooden spoon (both boys are little chefs in training), and a shot Colvin deep in thought.

Another busy weekend for us. Today at three is the pre party at the TIKI BAR (3pm EST) at A Cherry on Top for the fall crop (tons of challenges, games, fun chatter and prizes...did I mention points and prizes?)which starts at 4 pm EST and runs through the weekend. Pam Bennett and I have the first shift and have some fun things planned. Come join us.

E and I and some friends are catching the Jolly Trolley here in Tarpon Springs and heading down to the Jazz Festival in Clearwater tonight. I am really looking forward to the headliner, Brian Culbertson. We've seen him perform at Jazz on the Green in Ft. Myers and probably own every cd he has made. Amazing performer.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Jacque, Diane, and Cynthia at Posh Scraps at 9am and we are heading to St. Pete to one of the biggest charity crops around the Tampa area. It has grown and grown until now it is being held in the Coliseum venue. We're meeting up with some of our other cropper pals and can't wait for that fun to start. Janet was suppose to go with us but her daughter, Becca, has come down with mono and Janet flew home to be with her. We will miss you Ms Janet.

Sunday is wide open...isn't that nice to have a day to do absolutely nothing. Because next week is jammed full and we head over to the other side of the state for the weekend to cruise either to St. Augustine or the Bahamas for the weekend on our friends' big boat. And blessings to our house sitter for once again coming to our rescue!

Have a great weekend and watch this spot!

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LyndaKay said...

Those boys are getting really big! And what gorgeous eyes they have. Enjoy that huge crop this weekend.