Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy Weekend and Busier few weeks ahead

We've had a busy weekend here in Paradise. Yesterday was the garage sale at Posh Scraps and lunch with Jacque. I did ok at the garage sale and got rid of tons of papers and other items from my stash.

Today, E and I rode our bikes into town. The carrier for my health insurance changed and now, instead of getting my meds via the mail, I have to pick them up at a Walgreens. So that was our first stop. Then it was on to breakfast at Toula's Trailside Cafe in Tarpon Springs. I had the Eggs Benedict with their amazing trail fries and E had a scrambler with cheddar and scallions...both were tasty

Our Farmer's Market has been moved from Alt 19 and Orange to the parking lot and end street across from the bike shop and Toulas' so we walked across to check out everything. The veggie stand is always so tempting and, as you can see from the picture here, we showed little restraint. Biking home with an additional ten lbs of fruit and veggies slowed me down just a bit. The owner of the stand was a great salesman promising the large fruit that he propagates himself contains aphrodisiac We'll let you know...or maybe not! The corn is Silver Queen like E's dad use to grow back in Mo. It smelled sweet and maybe we'll have some tonight. Not sure what is up with the date on my photo...need to get it off the camera as I never date them like this...and wrong date to boot.

The market is still small, smaller than last years with some new vendors. Thank goodness our seafood guy was still there. His scallops are the best. Our plant people from last year are not there and I miss them but there was a new vendor with some pretty plants. We'd have been tempted but taking a bush or small ornamental home on a bike is iffy at best.

We're off to visit Rob at his new apartment down on Clearwater Beach later today. We're taking hammer and nails and will help him get pictures up on the walls. Now we know what to give him for Christmas...a tool box with goodies.

Monday Kristen and her friend Manina are bringing the boys over for dinner and Trick or Treat

Tues we have the boys here to play.

Wed. we go to the boys to play and the house sitter comes by to check on the cats for us. It sure helps to have one living just across the street.

Thurs. I am cropping with Jacque, Di and Cynthia at Posh

Fri I have a 9:30 dr. apt and an 11:30 hair color and cut

Sat. I am hoping to cyber crop with some old pals in Ohio

Sunday we have Kristen here for her b'day dinner (her b'day is the 12th)

on the 10th is Book Club here and on the 12th. is Posh's Christmas Gala event and I'm doing make n takes from 10-noon.

And on the 15th...we'll have our new baby granddaughter to hold and love.

and so it goes from now til the end of November. I had told a friend who was hoping to come visit us this month that the weekend of Nov 19 was our first free one, forgetting we have plans that weekend too as that is probably when Baby Granddaughter will be coming home with her mama.

Hope your weekend was a good one.

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Janet M said...

And you wonder why you are tired . LOL Keep busy it sounds like a lot of fun things coming up.