Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween

The little guys don't eat candy or sweets so I gave them each a little red plastic chair for Trick or Treat. I actually got four of these and E is working on two tables...one for the kids and one for us here for them. My intention was to send the whole she bang home with them when the tables were done but Colvin had other ideas...and was trying to carry both chairs to the van by himself...lol.

The entire family went as farmville...Chris had class last night so their friend, Manina helped Kristen with the boys last night. Chris did get to with the family for the Trunk or Treat party at Kristen's school. Here is Landon in his little calf outfit.
And here is Papa with Colvin, the little piggy. E told the boys that when they are tired of being dressed in 'cutsey' costumes, he'll back them up...lol.
The boys Trick or Treated in our neighborhood after we all had dinner here. We hit about four homes and then the kids all met up with another family and Trick or Treated there.

We had about 30 Trick or Treaters last night and all but one child said Thank You. Nice, huh? and to the first daddy who was with his children and wife, E gave a special treat of a Bud Lite. That Trick or Treater was especially happy.

Hope your H'ween was a good one.

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LyndaKay said...

Adorable pics! Not one of my 30 trick or treaters were little. All were junior high age, so I missed seeing little ones like your boys. TFS...love the red chairs.