Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Girls' Day Out

Kristen and I have a tradition of my taking her out on her birthday for lunch. This year, due to the early arrival of Ms leighton, this lunch was delayed until this past Monday. We took our favorite little girl with us as we figured that the earlier we got her in to the lunch, shop routine, the better. Besides, how often do I get to dine with two such lovely ladies?

Kristen had never been to Bon Appetite in Dunedin but had requested some where on the water and this place fit the bill. It is where Glo, Sandy and I go every year to open the holiday season. Kristen and I both had the 1943 salad and Leighton had some Mama's Milk. She actually slept through most of our outing...are we that boring? lol
Here we are...three generations. Do you see any resemblance? And what is that expression on my face. I mean, I know I don't take very good pics but really?
Kristen got her wish...this restaurant overlooks Honeymoon Island and to the south, Clearwater...so lovely and excellent food
After our lunch out, we hit Jo's and Mike's looking for the perfect first tree for our little lady. Now it had to be pink and it had to be glittery with lots of bling. And we found a hot pink tinsel tree that fit the bill . Hope our little lady likes it.

I am hoping your week is going well!

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