Monday, December 12, 2011

Botanical Garden in Largo Lighting Display

We read about the event in the paper and we wanted to go while Chris' mom, Jeanette, is still in town so last night was the night. And we could not have picked a better one. The temps were in the upper 60s perhaps even a bit warmer, the moon was full and the little kids were not cold at all.

This one of E and me is blurry but Chris took one with his camera that came out a lot better. We'll get it from him and perhaps incorporate it into our Christmas cards for next year.
This is the entrance to the Garden and the little boys eyes were so wide for our walk through. They loved the lights and kept pointing and saying "see, see". Leighton did open her eyes a couple of times but, for the most part elected to cuddle close to mama.

Nice family shot of Chris, his mom, Kristen, Leighton, Landon and Colvin. Somewhere in here is one of us. Again, I think Chris got a better one.
As much as the little guys liked the lights, the high light for them was the seniors playing 40s and 50s music and the old Christmas favorites. The boys were doing their very best to dance despite being strapped into the wagon. Next year, stage front!

Love these birds...I got down to the boys' eye level to take several of the shots.

The little boys loved the gator and the turtle!

The fountain was one of my favorites as it changed colors constantly and was back lit with the same green dots that we saw at the Garden Room fund raiser .
and I loved this tree reflected in the water.

Some of the displays moved but most did not. I loved this walk way all lit with the beautiful butterflies of all sizes and colors.

I may have duplicated this pic of the two little guys at the entrance but since they are twins and Gemini to boot, it is only fitting if I did. lol

There was a two dollar donation and believe me, they should charge much more. We were there for about an hour and half and it was wonderful. We drove by the Largo city park on our way home, and Largo has created a winter wonderland there as well with lights of red and white. Another must see here in Pinellas county.

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