Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas with my gal pals

Cynthia, Diane, Jacque and I met up in Dunedin for our holiday get together today in Dunedin and we had such fun. We shopped til we dropped and then ended up at Bon Appetite and so glad we did. Two of us had the lobster roll with fresh fruit and and two of us had the 1943 salad...and then Cynthia ordered the dessert sampler for her treat to us. We also celebrated our dear Jacque's upcoming birthday (Dec 20) and raised our glasses to our friendship. We have decided that God put each of with the others for a reason; that each of us enriches the others' lives and to this we toasted.

Tomorrow I'll try to post the lamp posts in Dunedin...they are so funny. Each of the many stores decorate the lamp post in front of their store for the holidays. Tune in tomorrow!

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