Thursday, December 01, 2011

Happy Dec. 1

Our temps here have been cool and brisk which sure gets me in the holiday mood. I made an angel for the top of our tree (see my altered blog), decorated the house, picked out our Christmas cards (notice I did not say addressed them), helped the kids get their lights and decorations up and put the Christmas music on the blog.

I dug out my holiday shirts and jewelry and feel that holiday spirit! We've even been drinking our wine out of our new Christmas-y wine glasses.

Most of the shopping is done save for a few things and now all we have to do is wrap.

But, before all that takes place, here is what is going on with us

Tonight: a wine and food tasting at Garden Room Nursery in Palm Harbor, Fl. with several of our friends. Suzie reserved a table for all of us, hopefully near one of the out door fireplaces.

Dec. 3 is our Holiday Party for several of our friends. This is the third year we have held this event and we so enjoy having everyone over.

Dec. 8 Book Club at Glo's. Can't wait...our guest author from last year, Sophia, is returning with lots of goodies her Cambodian women make and it will be shop til we drop for sure.

Dec. 10 is a fair in Tarpon Springs and the annual boat parade

Dec 13 (evening) is Posh Scrap's ' Open House and a couple of us on the design team will be doing make n takes (this date is almost certain).

Dec 17 is the annual Santa parade here in Tarpon Springs. I have only missed one year since we moved here. I really think the little guys will enjoy it this year so asking Kristen if she'd like to go with me.

And...some time inbetween:
Gong to see the lights at the Botanical Garden in Largo with the kids

And a bit of sad news...those of you who know me know that the little green neon tree I have had for eaons, Lucille, is no longer with us. Her lights dimmed and I had to find a new tree. Now the new little tree is still neon green and has the green lights on it but
it is not as robust as was our Lucille. Thus her name is Lucy!

Have a great first week of December.

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LyndaKay said...

You're a hoot! I knew you named your computer, but now it's a tree named Lucy! You're so funny. Have a joyous Christmas season with all of your events.