Saturday, December 17, 2011

I love a parade

So, the Chamber of Commerce handout said 11:00 for the parade, the website said 11:00 so we show up at quarter til and guess what...the parade started at ten. We missed the Shriners with their clown outfits and their cars and motorcycles entirely. But that is ok. We'll have even more to share with the little guys and baby girl next year.
This wagon from Aunt Sarah's consignment shop along with the little wooden table and chairs we found there also were our best buys so far! Oh, and we got the boys bucket swings there too!

This is the award winning Tarpon Springs Performance band and the boys seemed to enjoy the drums so much we may just have to get them some for their birthday next year. Do you think their parents will appreciate that? lol
I love how the city employees get involved in the parade. Our friends, Tom and Katherine (who both work for the city) knew about 75% of the parade! I love living in this wonderful small town.

We ran into Kristen and Chris' friends from Mykanos (Our FAVORITE restaurant for authentic Greek food on the Sponge Docks) who had both their girls at similar times to the boys and then Leighton. They were making a date to all get together.

And here is Mr. and Mrs Clause. I've been working hard with the boys to teach them "What does Santa say, he says HO HO HO" but just realized that they have no clue who Santa is...I pointed and HO HO'd but maybe next year. They do Ho Ho Ho when you ask them though.

And this is our beautiful Craig Park down on Spring Bayou where the larges Epiphany Celebration is held each year. The park was decked out and so pretty.
We had our picnic on the shuffle board courts where there were benches for Little Mama and me. This is one of our historical museums in the back ground. Big Bear bbq was there and the boys and I split some bbq chickie and we gave mama the cheese and mac. Katherine was a god send and fed the boys the rest of their lunch so K and I could eat.
Here is one of our city's trucks all deco'd for the holidays. I remember when we would watch the light parade for Clearwater from Rob's old apt. front yard and all the sanitation trucks were lit stem to stern. Sure miss that parade.
We walked around a bit and finally headed home where Landon, Colvin, Kristen and Leighton Kaye all napped the afternoon away. E had made some awesome cookies and we did sample those, of course. Need to bike twice as long tomorrow morning as we did this morning and maybe, just maybe I'll be ok at weight in at WW on Tues.

Hope your weekend is lovely!

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LyndaKay said...

The parade will become a great holiday tradition for the kids, I'm sure. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.