Monday, December 19, 2011

The holidays are better in the company of family and friends

Suzie and Justin were two of the first of our friends here in Tarpon Springs. We meet Suzie where we often had lunch at Snookers and she took us under her wing from almost our first encounter. She is just one of those women who are care takers with huge hearts. We have met so many wonderful people through her and Justin.
We exchanged wine glasses this year. The ones we are holding here match our dishes so perfectly and we thank them for their thoughtfulness.
Isn't this little chef that Suzie found just perfect.
The evening was pleasant enough for a fire in the fire pit in the lower lawn before E started his wonderful holiday meal for the four of us. Suzie drew our attention to our pine even had a star on the very top all dressed out for Christmas.
E fixed a favorite of ours, Mandarin shrimp over brown rice pilaf. I'll put the recipe on his blog, He Cooks, later this afternoon (LyndaKaye, here is one of the shrimp recipes you have been waiting for!).
He says to take great caution when you flame the shrimp!
We turned on the propane heater and dined al fresco. The lights reflecting on the pool water were so pretty.

And here is Suzie finding a home for the little chef fairy. E is going to build him a shelf between the two plaques on the wall that Suzie also gave us one Christmas.

We've been having such a lovely December this year filled with friends and family and love! Season's Greeting to all of you who read here and thank you.

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LyndaKay said...

Shrimp!!! Can't get enough. Off to see the recipe. Merry Christmas, Jules!