Thursday, January 05, 2012

Blessing of the Fleet

I have been trying for over 45 min. to post the pictures I took today of the Blessing of the Fleet here in Tarpon Springs. This is a prelude to tomorrow's event, the Epiphany Celebration on Spring Bayou.

I give! E's computer is about 6 years old and, when we had the chance to install Windows 7 on it, he passed. About all the man does is play freecell and check out recipes on Food Network. But, since my laptop, which has all the bells and whistles, is down for the count til Sunday, I am struggling with his.

I would like to hope I had more patience but I am also battling bronchitis, fluid in my lungs and a sinus infection and I am plum out of patience. It should not take 45 min. to upload pics to a blog.

On the other hand, I had a delightful day with my oldest bestie, Jo, (aka Joey to Clare). This was our 3rd annual Blessing of the Fleet. Despite freezing weather, she and I have attended this small event here in Tarpon Springs for the past 3 years and were rewarded our first year with our picture on the front page of the St. Pete Time (now known as the Tampa Bay Times). This year, with fair weather, everyone and their brother turned out to be blessed.

We shopped our way up and down the Sponge Docks and then on to Dimitri's for the sampler platter and the chicken lemon soup...bliss!

My headache is back from the sinus infection or maybe just fighting with this archaic computer. Please all, good thoughts that my son can fix my laptop because if I have to return to the 'dark ages' (pre Windows 7) I may not make it.


LyndaKay said...

Chicken soup! What could be better for your ills? Get better. Will stop back and look for the boat pics.

altar ego said...

Glad you made it out to the first part of the Feast! Hope you feel better, and that you're able to get your pictures uploaded.