Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Rough start to 2012

The temps are dropping here and looks like we'll have to fire up the old furnace in the next day or two. The van quit on E yesterday so we need to arrange a tow and have our friendly and thankfully honest mechanics look at it. I have the respiratory infection E has with the added sinus headache from hell. And, our little Landon still has some residual upsets from the intestinal virus and he is back tot he dr. today. Hoping I can get in to mine as well.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to crop with the gals at Posh Scraps in Palm Harbor, Thurs., Jo and I are going to the annual Blessing of the Fleet and Sat. is my son's 40th. b'day...how did he get that old? We'll head down on Sunday to take him to lunch before he joins his friends who have a day planned for him and hopefully he can get the malware off my laptop for me.

Hope your year got off to a better start than ours!

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LyndaKay said...

Sorry about the early January troubles. Hope all of you mend soon!