Monday, January 09, 2012

HAPPY 40th. to my son

Rob actually turned 40 on Jan. 7th. I have tried to remember that day forty years ago and I have some memories but mostly waking up about ten am in the hospital and having a nurse plop this wailing red child into my arms and saying, "here is your baby". I do remember having to undo the diaper to even find out if I had a boy or a girl....things were done a lot differently 40 years ago than now.

We had offered to take Rob out to one of his favorite restaurants for lunch on the 8th as he had to work til 7 pm on his b'day and had plans with his friends for that evening. He said he'd rather have brunch so we went to Clear Sky on the beach.
Clear Sky cafe on Clearwater Beach, Fl.
The food was amazing but the Sunday Bloody Mary bar even more so. This is truly Salad in a Glass (what our friend, Pam, calls a Bloody )

Rob's friends had organized the afternoon for him. They met up at a tiki bar on the beach and were heading out on a scavenger hunt (x rated btw) . We stayed for a couple of beers and then headed out although we were asked to join in the fun.

My son: mimosas on his day!

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LyndaKay said...

I should start taking pics of delicious food at restaurants! Love that crazy "Bloody". You'll have to tell me more about the x rated scav. hunt someday. Has Vera written her thank you note to Rob for giving her a new lease on life? Thank goodness for smart sons.