Monday, January 16, 2012

Luscious Lushes Gift Exchange plus one

While we have never set a price limit on what we spend, we buy small and wonderful gifts for each other. The four of us know each other so well, that our gifts to each other are always what we have wanted or what we know the others would love. It is about quality of thought not quantity.

Take the gifts to me from Pam B posted above. We recently painted the house and Pam found Vera Bradley (whom she knows I adore) napkins, cups, plates and even a photo album for my purse for the grand babies photos in colors that match our house. I am thinking Book Club here or lunch dates catered by our personal chef , E, with gal pals or...wait! I'll save them for when we are all together once again!

Janet, worrying always about one of us (CLARE) thinking she loves us the best, gave us all the same gifts with a twist. We each got these beautiful Vera hanging mini cosmetic bags but each one of us got a pattern that best describes us. And then, wonderful Coach key chains with wine bottles (of course...what else). I'll put my car keys on this soon as I find them again. lol
(and yes! Janet does love ME best)! Just sayin'.

Clare gave us all fun gifts from our new most favorite store,

and she gave me this lovely charm for my was the fundraiser for the Christchurch, NZ earthquake rescue.
I can not wait to use my little mustache paper clips and the two Tramp Stamps (particularly the one I do not have facing upward)
And, today, Clare and I continued a long standard tradition that if we like something, everyone we love must be in on it. So, Jo, is now not only an antler wearing reindeer but able to laugh with us all just like when she came to the slumber party at my house with janet, pam, clare and me last year.
We are planning our reunions. In March of 2013, Bob and Janet, E and I are planning on heading to see our Clare and cruise through NZ and AUS. And then, in 2014, the Luscious Lushes will be rendezvousing in New Orleans. We have started planning the trip in pinterest and add to it often. At the rate we are going, we will have to stay 2 mo. to visit all the things we want to. Wish us luck


madcow said...

Doesn't matter how you try and twist it ... janet loves me the best and it's MY room at her house! xxx

LyndaKay said...

You're a great bunch of gals!!!