Monday, January 16, 2012

I could have laughed all night...wait ! I DID!

Clare and I had experimented with the new Google + video chat before and were very impressed not only with the clarity of the voice and the no one sec delay but it was like she was sitting right across the table from me. We could even clink our wine glasses to toast.
So we had Janet M and Pam B down load the program and we set up our date for our Christmas in January gift exchange. Pam got on, invited the rest of us and the night was on...with one hitch. Janet got the invite, was in the system and could hear us but could not see us.
We feared all was lost but Pam B and her daughter, Laney, to the rescue. Using Laney's I Pad and the face to face feature, we had Janet with us least until the I Pad's battery died. From then on, we had her via my phone and it was almost as good...almost!
Between the Angry Bird's hat Pam gave Clare and the 'reindeer feature' on the video chat plus a couple of glasses of a nice Merlot, I almost wet my pants laughing.

I'll put some pics up later of the wonderfully thoughtful gifts the 3 gals gave me...and E too (he got spices and a Haka hat!)

We will definitely be doing the video chat again and soon and this time Ms Janet will be on screen as well. I love how you can video chat with up to 8 people at the same time and how whomever is on the big screen changes when a) that person is talking or b)when you slide a little indicator at the bottom or c) when you click on one of the smaller pictures.

Now how much fun would this be for cyber cropping? Well, I'm going to find out soon since the Scrappin' Sisters of Cleveland, Moni and Pete, have also installed this and we're just looking for a good date.


Pam said...

soooooooooo much fun! I can't believe how long we talked and how HARD it was to end!

madcow said...

Some days life is just PERFECT!