Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nana/Papa/Auntie Jo day with the grands

Jo, who says she will baby sit for E's cooking, has been a wonder at giving my honey a break since she and Bill have come for their 2 mo. winter stay. She arrives around noon and stays til Kristen gets home at 3:30pm. I have great company and she pitch hits when all three either need milk or shinny hinneys. Bless you dear Jo.

Bill and Jo are coming over for the second of our Spain dinners. We were in Barcelona, a city they were very familiar with for about 3 days during our Med. visit and cruise. E told them last year that he would cook at least one dinner for every port we hit. So tonight we(and I use that pronoun loosely ) are doing a spicy (but not too) chicken dish.

I so need to update He Cooks but we have been having far too much fun lately. I promise...soon, soon.
BTW: check out my altered blog. I was given an award and asked to pass it on...please check out the blogs I selected along with Kim, who gave me the award

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LyndaKay said...

Getting cuter all the time.