Saturday, February 04, 2012

Another Catch up Post

Our lives have been a whirl wind lately and I've been prone to let the blogs go a bit. I promise to do better soon or at least I hope to.

Isn't this view lovely? It is the view where my sister was put up gratis at the VA hospital in St. Pete, Florida while her boy friend, Dennis, was having a heart procedure done last Wed. and Thurs. A friend brought them up from Ft. Myers as Janet could not ride in the van the VA would provide. They spent their first night in a hotel paid for by the VA and he was checked in the next day, Wed. I went to the wrong VA (I am now familiar enough with Tampa to be a cab driver btw) but found the right place eventually and it is beautiful

This is Fisher House, which is across the street from the VA hospital and within walking distance. There is a shuttle service that runs until about 3:30 pm each day. My sister was offered free accommodations at Fisher House. It is (and I could be wrong) privately funded and staffed by volunteers. It is like a Ronald Mc Donald house for the families and friends of vets who are receiving in hospital care which Dennis was. He ended up having a stint put in and an angioplasty done .

This, as I said, is a beautiful place. The grounds are immaculate, the staff friendly and helpful and the care, according to Dennis, excellent.

My sister and I got lunch in the Canteen and then ate it out here in a lovely courtyard.

I know we all gripe about our taxes but in this case, I no longer mind. These vets offered up their lives to protect us and anything we can do, as far as I am concerned, to make their lives easier is my tax dollars well spent. I also know that some of the more recent returning vets have had a horrific time getting their medical and mental needs met. This doesn't seem to be the case at this hospital from what I could tell.

And, yesterday, E and I booked our trip to Australia and New Zealand. It is a full year away but we could not pass up the sweet deal we got, thanks to our dear friend, JO (yes! the very same Jo who got us the unbelievable pkg to the Med a year ago). For the same price as a lower level balcony room, we got a free upgrade to a balcony suite with an extra large balcony, all the amenities that go with the upgrade which include things like cocktail parties, fresh flowers daily, champagne, preferred seating at dinner, and early boardings. We also got cruise paid gratuities, a dinner in the upscale restaurant of our choice on the cruise line and more. Oh, and on board credits as well. Because we got the insurance now, we also got what was called the Bling Bonus...I have $260.00 to spend at one of my favorite on line jewelry places, which is what the insurance cost us. Guess it pays to buy ahead, huh?

Making plans to hopefully connect with an on line friend in Melbourne, Helen, whom I've "known" for at least ten years and we will spending a week at the other end with our beloved Clare. Counting the months since there are far too many days.

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LyndaKay said...

What a vet hospital! And what a cruise that will be! Pea green here.