Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A lovely Valentine's Day

Had E not fractured his rib, we had some other plans in mind for our Valentine's Day but it worked out wonderfully, other than his discomfort. We had planned on a late lunch with Bill and Jo to avoid the crowds in the evening and we did still go out to lunch but a bit earlier than we had originally planned.

We wanted to have lunch at the Old School House on Alt. 19 but realized once we got there they are not open on Tues so it was on to Old Town Palm Harbor and had lunch at the Thirsty Marlin.
It was a nice day and we always have fun with Jo and Bill. We are making plans for Bill's last week and it looks like veal picata is on the menu for dinner soon.

E and I stopped at Loggerheadz to wish our Suzie a happy Valentine's day and I made a new friend! Sweet bird!

We switched days with the kids for our Nana/Papa play date that is usually on Wed. Poor E's rib could not stand the exuberant hugs from the little guys. Hopefully, by Friday, he will be doing a bit better and Jo, once again to the rescue, has offered to relieve E. She says her motto is 'will work for food'
We are also skipping the beach concert tomorrow night. We have dinner club at Suzies this Sat. and I am cropping at Posh Scraps with the girls today.

Hope your Valentine's was a LOVEly one!

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