Friday, March 02, 2012

Demented Nana strikes again

I could not resist these too cute bunny coveralls I found today at Beall's Outlet store near me. I mean, how much longer are those little guys going to let Nana put them in bunny festooned clothes? I am picturing knee socks and the cute new shoes I saw when E and I had our Nana/Papa day this past Wed.
The little guys, like most men, are fascinated and a tad obsessed about pockets and how much they can cram into them. At one point, Landon had a wooden spoon in each of his pockets while Colvin, pictured below, focused on small my cell phone. lol

The boys had their ca chee (cottage cheese) and e-l-l-o (jello) along with a meat, veggie and fruit for lunch. They are so wanting to feed themselves and are not doing such bad job either, except with the jello which ends up all over them and me. But I do have to say, red jello is my color!

And the boys got their hair cut. No more whispy strays in their eyes! And Colvin still has his 'tail'.
Now if only our little girly girl would start growing some hair. She has the same hair line as both me and Landon...let's hope she gets her mama's curls!
Thanks to Janet M. , I have resumed my walking. When she came up for a visit before our weekend at Cheeky Chicks Scrapbooking retreat in St. Pete, we walked and walked and walked and when we got to the retreat, we walked some more. Yesterday i did an hour and another today...I need to finally make goal at WW and this is a good habit to have. Smoochies Janet.

I was waiting for traffic to abate yesterday at Alt 19 and Old Dixie Hwy so I could cross and head home and kept hearing this loud PEEP, PEEP...I finally looked up and there sat a baby Osprey and his/her mama/papa peering down at me. Love my camera. Click Click
E's rib is doing better and healing slowly. Missy L did a tap dance on Papa but he just grinned and said it was was his Bella! lol

Busy weekend for us ...we have company coming on the 10th and trying to get ready for them...combining spring cleaning and can't wait to see my favorite step brother, Steve, and his lovely wife, Loren. Meanwhile, we have two couples coming over for dinner on Sunday and I am teaching at Posh Scraps tomorrow morning.

Have a great weekend all!


Janet M said...

Cute pictures of the kids, glad to see you keeping up on the walking. I need to get out for mine now that the company is going to go walk to the beach.
Love the outfits for the little boys - just adorable.

LyndaKay said...

Great pics of the grands. Keep spoiling them!!