Monday, March 05, 2012

Marvelous Monday

After a wonderful evening with Charo and Gaylen, today was a continuation of perfection. I watched Colvin while Big Daddy took Landon and Leighton in for check ups. All is well and happy in Paradise. Colvin and I had a long talk about safety, streets and then just kicked leaves for fun.

Quite a few of my friends' daughters have had baby girls so we decided to have Maria's daughter, Adriana, who is an amazing photographer (angel lights photography on face boook) do a Grannie and Grandies (grand daughters) shoot. Every one is converging here in Tarpon Springs, Fl on March 17th and we'll head to Spring Bayou for the photo shoot. The Grandies will all be dressed in PINK, of course.
And today, I found Leighton's outfit. I bought the big flower headband because she has no hair...ok, she had some and it is soft and very light. I love these headbands. They did not have these when Leighton's Mama was a little one and I still remember scotch taping a bow into the four or five stands Kristen did have on her her first b'day. Of course, when the day was over and I took the tape off, the hair came off too. Now, voila...big bow instead.

Leighton is the 'old gal' of these cuties, then Maria's baby doll and then Dee's sweetie pie. And these were all within 4mo. Our friend, Ginni also had a new grand baby doll. Hopefully, these little ladies will all be scrappers and all be wouldn't that be cool?

And no, Clare, I have yet to inform Leighton's parents that you and I have betrothed her and her New Zealand husband to be. Timing is everything, right?


LyndaKay said...

Love that dress with the petticoat!

Janet M said...

That dress is so cute and is going to look just adorable on her. The pictures are going to be wonderful with all of you.