Monday, March 12, 2012

Pleading busy busy busy for not blogging...

I'm going to work backwards through the past week. Last Sat., my step brother, Steve, and his wife Loren, came for a visit on their way back to Mich. We gave them the 35 cent tour, headed to Dimitri's on the Anclote River and sank into the Greek food and wine and beer! We headed back to the house after roaming the Sponge Docks and sat on the lanai catching up with each others' lives. It had been since Papa Joe's funeral since we had all been together and that has to be at least six years. Steve is the spitting image of Papa Joe but with hair.

E fixed his infamous Spanish chicken and I did a salad from the Columbia. And we even had a bottle of the authentic dressing to make it perfect.
It is Chris' birthday and Kristen had such a lovely day planned for him: we would baby sit and give him a day off , golf with a pal and no cares or worries. But, the best laid is still Snowbird Season here and she could not get a tee time for the guys today. Baby Leighton and Colvin had follow up dr. apt.s so Landon and I hung out exchanging clever repartee. not so clever but we did laugh a lot.

This is from last Wed. : Landon wears the coolie cups like boxing gloves

Colvin: a very serious driver
Landon today
showing me his muscles (and tummy)
Colin, who has taken to wearing his baseball hat non stop, backwards...probably because if he wears it bill in front, the little kid can't see!
and Colvin last week on the zoom zoom...shouldn't ever Speed Racer wear a helmet?
I'm posting a couple of my latest layouts on my altered blog. I don't do that often but this one is filled to the brim with Proud Nana

Enjoy your week!


Pam said...

omg. I am laughing so hard at those little ones!!!

LyndaKay said...

Yes, they are a hoot to see.