Friday, March 30, 2012

Shoppe Around the Corner

It is the Spring Sale at Shoppe Around the Corner in Palm Harbor, Florida, a wonderful and magical place whose profits go to helping sustain the local Meals on Wheels. The above picture is the display that greets customers when they enter this lovely gem of a place.

When Glo suggested she and Marcia, who had never been to the Shoppe, go with her today, I said yes immediately. Glo picked up both us and, after a delightful lunch at Peggy O'Neills Irish Pub (great Cobb salad btw), we went two blocks up and one to the right and there we were.
There are so many lovely things to see that it took quite a while looking here, there and up and down. One section is currently devoted to Spring and Easter with odds and ends that are seasonal also scattered throughout the store.

I did ask before I took these photos as some places do not like photos to be taken. Not so at this place filled with pretties. Some of these bunnies and little chick are so nostalgic and many of the displays got my creative juices flowing!
Talk about a beautiful way to set an Easter how the napkin is folded and the ceramic bird with the candle nestles inside.
Another section has the most gorgeous kitchen ware imaginable. And grandmothers' table cloths and dish towels!

I love this display of French related table decorations...How beautiful.

The prices are very reasonable and more so during the Spring Sale since one item is 25% off.

These lovely little necklaces are favorite: "Maybe I want to look Cheap". lol
And a tiny 5inch by 7 inch scrap book....
This wreath with the streamers would look lovely on my front door.
The ceramic rabbit is a definite garden must have.
So, what did I buy...this white painted rod iron book holder. It has two round balls suspended from chains for keeping a books' pages from flipping.
And this tiny little peep called out to me when I went by. My Nana always put those tiny little yellow chickies in my Easter basket the years we spent in Iowa. This is a fancier version of those. And look how pretty she looks perched on my flower cart I found last visit to St. Louis.
This display caught my eye too...what a great pencil holder. The frames in the shop are so beautiful and creative too.

This is how I am going to use my book holder with it's tiny birdie perched on the top. Until I put my layouts into albums (which is sometimes weeks and weeks), they just sit on my desk top stacking up. Now I have a way to display the latest and keep them all together one behind the other.
Thanks Glo for suggesting our have the best ideas!

Tomorrow is my Glam and Glitz class at Posh from 10-noon ish and in the afternoon, E and I are heading to Spring Bayou for the annual juried art of the biggest in this area. We have not missed a year yet. Speaking of years, come May 3, we will have lived in this house for five years. So hard to believe and each year gets better and better.

Our dear friend, Linda Adams, arrives Sunday and we're thinking a late lunch at Molly Goodheads. We do love that place. It was one of the first local restaurants we ate at around here.

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LyndaKay said...

Marvelous display rack for your LOs! Clever. You should photograph store displays for their websites! Great shots.