Thursday, April 05, 2012

Blogging at last

Our dear friend, Linda Adams, arrived April 1 and we have been so busy having fun that I have not taken the time to blog. One Monday, she and I headed to Beall's armed with coupons and our charge cards. I did find a great pair of new walking shoes (charcoal gray with hot pink trim and laces...ooh la la!) and we could not resist some cute outfits we found on sale for our tiny Ms Leighton.
On Tues, we treated ourselves to a full day in Dunedin. We walked through lovely little shops, bought some Scrabble necklaces at Lead Lines, one of my very favorite shops btw!

We ended our visit with lunch at the Olde Bay restaurant and fish market down at the Marina.
We watched some manatee frolic and shared a grilled grouper sandwich with a key lime aioli that was fresh and tasty.
We each got a different one of the restaurant's specialty soups: (my favorite) the mushroom and brie bisque
and the one we tasted first at the Grape Escape last January and the reason we first went to the restaurant: a sweet corn and crab chowder.

All the kids' pics inbetween were taken yesterday. Linda volunteered to extend E's "spring break" by coming with me to see the kiddies for the day so we had a Nana and Auntie day. Leighton was not going to miss a thing and was not wild about taking a nap at all but did sleep a bit in Auntie's or Nana's arms now and then.

The kids have the grand boys addicted to book for which I give them a standing ovation. The boys have not watched tv but have been read to often and every day.

Off and running...things to do, people to see and much fun and adventure to squeeze into our last full day with our Linda.

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LyndaKay said...

Sounds like a wonderful week with your friend. Great shots of the kids (as usual!).