Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring is in the air

Our gardenias are in full bloom on the lower lawn and the tree is covered with tons of buds. Our roses are forming small buds and the amaryllis plants which we could never remember to bring in from their brown bags in the garage and repot in time for Christmas are blooming as well. We gave up on the repotting thing when, a couple of years ago, on a visit to Janet and Bob Miller's on Anna Maria Island, we saw a whole garden area planted in amaryllis and blooming away so we gave it a shot, planting these under our bedroom window.
And, speaking of Spring, after picking Jill up at the airport, we headed to The Pier in St. Pete for lunch at the Columbia. The Pier is due for destruction some time next year. The monstrosity (in my opinion) that they are planning on replacing this edifice with is so costly that the entire project will have to be done in stages rendering its use less than that of the current Pier. There is a grass roots movement to save the Pier and refurbish it instead of tearing it down. I hope someone listens as the upside down pyramid has been around for eons and is one of the signature sites in this area.

While we waited for Janet and Michele to arrive, Jill and I headed to the top deck with its amazing view. We had ice tea til the others arrived, some salsa and chips. Then we headed to The Columbia restaurant. This is a branch of the original which is located in Ybor City and is a must see . This branch is the same food but not nearly as ornate as the one either Ybor or the one in Sarasota. Our server mixed the requisite sangria and we all had soup and the infamous 1905 salads. Perfection

This is a view from the observation deck across toward the city of St. Pete. The pink building is the historic and quite lovely, Vinoy. While Bob and Janet have stayed here, Clare, Janet and Bob, E and me did have cocktails there one lovely afternoon during Clare's last visit stateside.

Before we headed to the Cheeky Chics Spring Fling crop, we visited a couple of shops in down town St. Pete. Here we are sitting on a window sill thinking of those who could not join us this crop: Di, Baby D, Jacque, Cynthia, Maria and, of course, our Clare.
We settled into the crop (spacious tables, wonderful variety of snacks and drinks, a darling little store and our pal, Dee) and got caught up with some of the gals we only see at these crops. Some old friends joined us and new ones as well. Despite a slow start for all of us, I managed to complete four layouts, Janet did five, Jill finished at least four or five and Michele made lovely card after card.

Janet and I are off soon for our morning walk, then breakfast and then off to the crop again. The Marina Cove resort here is a wonderful place with two pools, pretty landscaping and perched on the edge of the Bay with a great view of that 'dreaded' bridge, The Sunshine Skyway.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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