Friday, April 20, 2012

TGIF here in Paradise

It has been a topsy turvey kind of day today.  In the workroom purge, I have managed to misplace my safety net to my life, my spiral daily calendar.  Woe is me.  Woe is me.  I have managed to reconstruct through June 10th, the twins b'day and am working on filling in the blanks. 

Meanwhile, the workroom purge and reorganization continues.  Closet is 3/4 ths done with a few drawers left and some over head cabinets needing attention.  One thing misplacing my day timer has done is that not knowing what I am suppose to be doing has freed me to do what calls to me at that moment and right now that is this workroom.

I pulled out two layouts I had been struggling with and finished them today.  I needed to feel I had finished something, you know?  And, I loaded my kits for my class tomorrow at Posh Scraps.  I am teaching the third from the last of the technique classes:  To Dye For.  This one is one of my favorites.  Also scheduled at Posh is the Photo Transfer class on May 12 from ten -noon and the Foils and Leafing class on May 26 same time same place.  More detail on my altered blog as the dates approach.

Other DATES to NOTE: 

Sat. April 28:  garage sale at Posh Scraps
May 5:  National Scrapbook Day at Posh Scraps
May 16:  Save the Date  6:30pm class that you won't want to me on this one!

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