Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just walking in the rain....

Which is what I was singing this morning.  E and I decided it had been far too long since we had visited our favorite breakfast place in town, Toula's on the Trail.  So off we went.  E walks a tad slower than I do so he left first.  We both headed through the North Anclote River Park and caught the Pinellas Trail.

Impressions on my walk: cool breezes, rainbow, salt marsh grasses flowing like water, birds winging , blue sky, clouds darken, and then , a block from the restaurant...a deluge!

E called me on the cell and he had taken shelter about six blocks away and was heading home to get the car.  I made it to Toula's and drank coffee, read the Sunday paper and visited with one of the locals til E arrived.  As usual, our meals were so good.  I got about 2 blocks from the restaurant when it poured again.   Bless my honey...he was following me in the car and gave me a life the rest of the way home.

We no sooner got home than once again, the sun came out, the sky was filled with fluffy white clouds and  off I went again...I need to walk another half hour to make my daily walk quotient and, just as I was nearing the home stretch, once again I got soaked.

It has been an odd day weather wise to say the least but a lovely Sunday none the less here in Paradise.

Hope your weekend was a good one!

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