Sunday, May 06, 2012

Having too much there such a thing?

 Last Wed. was our Nana/ Papa play day with the Grands and play we did.  The boys are chatting up a storm and playing together .  They are sweet and funny little guys whose natural curiosity for everything keeps us on our toes.    Leighton is growing and has just celebrated her 6 mo. birthday.  She is a happy, easily amused little sweetie.
 One of the boys favorite things to do is to be read to.  During the more quiet times, they will get books, sit together and look through them pointing out things to each other and to us when we read to them. 
 We took a long walk right after breakfast and here is our little rock star in her hoodie and sunglasses.  Linda Adams and I found these on sale in Dunedin when Linda was visiting and they are held on with a soft velcroed band.  The boys have their shades too but they do not leave them on for very long.
 Thurs night was Book Club at Joyce's lovely new home .  I think we were so entranced by the water view, the good food and the company we pretty much ditched the book for good conversation.

 Friday night we had our friends, Suzie, Justin and our neighbor, Anthony, over for dinner and Sat. I went to the National Scrapbook Day crop at Posh Scraps.  It was so good to see Jacque, Di and Cynthia again and revel in their laughter.  I did make n takes for the store with the new Paint It papers by Creative Imaginations and we dyed ribbon and flowers to go on our tags.  I even managed to complete 3 layouts that I'll put up later.

After I got home, E and I watched the Derby with my no. 2 pick coming in second and then we  headed to Night on the Islands on the Sponge Docks.  There was no room at the outside cafe for our favorite restaurant, Mikanos, so we ambled down to the one for Costa's.
 It was a beautiful evening on the Docks.  There was a lovely breeze off the Gulf and our river, the Anclote.  The music was lively and the little kids in the Greek dance troupe were such a delight to watch perform.  We sat next to a charming couple transplanted here from the wine country in Germany.  They were so interesting to talk with.  It truly was an international evening.
 E and I split the roasted lamb with lemon basil potatoes cooked in olive oil and it was soooooooo good.  I loved the lean lamb and the flavor was amazing. E and I have taken to sharing dinners when we go out for the sake of our waist lines and the fact we simply do not eat as much as we use to.
 We also shared a bottle of one of our favorite Greek wines.
Today is the last day of the on line crop at a private message board, The Tiki Hut, where, for the past 3 days we have been cropping and laughing and having such fun.  More layouts from the challenges in the days ahead...stay tuned!

Hope your weekend has been delightful.

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