Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Owens Gang

Well, it is Wed. and we spend our Wednesdays with the Grands.  Little Leighton is 6 mo.old today and one of the happiest babies ever.  She is trying so hard to sit up.  Landon and Colvin are learning their colors and we've been working on holding up 2 fingers in anticipation of their upcoming birthday the day after mine.  They are my belated birthday gift that keeps on giving year after year. 

I got some cute shots of them all today and will try to get those up tomorrow.  I am walking into the library around 9:30 tomorrow am to pick up my book for Book Club, which just happens to be tomorrow night but it is a shorter book than the usual so should not take me long to speed read through it by the pool.  From the library I will walk a couple of blocks over to the bike repair shop and pick up my beloved bike with it's brand new rim and then ride home. 

The .6 I was over yesterday is gone today, of course.  Now the challenge is to keep that and perhaps a lb or two more off til next Tuesday. 

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Spring.

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LyndaKay said...

Great LO! How could it not be with pictures like that!!