Monday, May 21, 2012

June is just around the corner

and we have one hugely busy month ahead of us filled with some wonderful events.  E and I are celebrating our 17th anniversary, I am teaching a private class on the 2nd. , the little guys' birthday party is the 3rd., the kids' anniversary is the 6th, and that is our last official Nana/Papa Day for the summer, Book Club is the 7th. , school is out for K on the 8th , and on the 65th. b'day we head to Mims and Titusville celebrate Kim and Mitch's wedding. On the 10th., our little twins officially turn TWO and I have classes and crops galore through out the rest of the month and will be starting an Intro to Scrapbooking series of classes at Posh.  Wheee! and I didn't even mention some fun things in the works!  But for now...mum's the word! 

Hope your summer is off to a great start too!  Pictures of said above mentioned events to follow so watch this spot!

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LyndaKay said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! lol
Enjoy all the wonderful family events and keep that camera battery charged!!