Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beautiful day in Dunedin, Fl.

 Jacque, Cynthia and I met at Cafe Alfredo's in Dunedin today for lunch and much talk and fun.  I think we can count the number of stores we did not visit on one hand.  I found the cutest tin tray and two cups at The Feathered Nest...a beautiful shop with lots of lovely things and the price was unbelievable.  I may have to go back as there was a wire tray with 3 glass bottles that would also be perfect for my work room.

And, at another shop, I fell in love with this display.  Wonder if the owner would mind coming over to my house and rearranging our wine things that are on the recess around the kitchen?
 My reorganization of the work room continues albeit slowly.  This was my 'sparkly' drawer with all my pretties.  As you can see, I was heavy into zip lock bags to control the mess.
 Now, not only are the used up, dried up tubes etc. gone but it is much easier to find things now.
Look out adhesive drawer, you are next. 

Tomorrow is Nana/Papa play day with the Grands and Thurs I am loading my kits for the Foils and Leafing Tech class at Posh Scraps.  I am hard at work on an Intro to Scrapbooking 3 part class for June and, at the request of a few gals in my classes, another take on the shadow box we did a couple of months ago.  This time, instead of a beachy theme, we'll be working with fabric flowers, canvas and oh so many fun things.   Hope you can join us. 

I am taking July off from teaching to recharge my batteries but will be back in full force in Aug with more fun!  Watch my altered blog for samples and surprises.

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog!

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LyndaKay said...

WTG with the sparkly drawer!!