Friday, August 03, 2012

Busy busy what's new huh?

Well, we finally are unpacked from the 2 wks at the beach and everything is put away.  It has been a busy week for us with some good changes coming for this next fall.  The Grands will be attending a new school three days a week with Leighton attending when she turns 1 this Nov.  The Grands all start their swim lessons this coming Monday, Tues and Thurs. evenings for the next few weeks and this Nana will be able to relax a bit...sure I

Cropped with the "Women Who Do Lunch" bunch on Wed. at Posh Scraps and some big things coming soon at the store so those of you who subscribe to their emails or face book page, keep your eyes peeled.   It was good to see Jacque, Di, Cynthia, Sonja and Katherine as always. 

Yesterday was sign class with the Grands and Kristen at the Safety Harbor more session next week before Kristen has to return to school.  We had lunch once again at the Whistle Stop Cafe...nice kid friendly place with good food.

Today I am running errands and finishing up the packing for my all day class tomorrow at Posh.  Sunday we are meeting Kim and Mitch for lunch along with Rob (maybe) and Kristen (if she can get the kids down for their nap after church in time.  We'll meet up at Pete and Shorty's and then Kim and Mitch will be heading back across the state.

Having a bit of trouble with my right knee (residual from a snow skiing accident some 30 years ago) so am braced to walk now.  Giving it a rest this morning.  It is funny how old injuries one would think had healed rear their ugly heads again as one ages.

Did weigh in at WW last Tues and, while my scale here said I was down 1lb., the WW scale said I had gained .4lb (be sure to note the period before the and I am pretty happy with that.  All those lovely beach walks sure paid off.

Hope your have a great week!and a great weekend.

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LyndaKay said...

Sorry about the knee. Hope you have a good class on Sat.