Saturday, August 11, 2012

Leading a madcap life....

and I wouldn't have it any other way! This has been one of those wild, crazy weeks that when I am in the midst of it, I am thinking...wait! It is all going too fast.  And, looking back at it, I have to be amazed by the fun!

 The little guys had their first two swim lessons this week with much wailing and crying but, if you ask them if they want to go back, OH YES!  And, they had their first day of school at their new school.  Kristen and Chris were fortunate to be able to secure positions for the boys at a Montessori school near their house.  We will still have Leighton on Wed. til she turns one and joins her brothers.  And we will be the primary transporters for them all.  The boys love school so far but it is still in Summer Session.   Sign class at Safety Harbor library  is coming to an end for us as school starts soon for Kristen.

 Kristen and I took Leighton out to lunch the day we dropped the boys off at school for their first day.  She is such a good little girly girl.  We ended up having breakfast at Lucky Dill and picked up some of the day old dollar bread...oooh me oooh my! So good.

 I cropped Wed. at Posh with Jacque (poor Cynthia had a fever and Di still has her grands) but Baby D showed up and we all got to catch up.  Plans are a foot for Dee Wisharts' Cheeky Chics crop in Nov.  We are bringing a bunch of the "Ladies Who Do Lunch" bunch.  I can't make the Sept. one as it is over E's b'day. 
 Thurs. I did a make up class with two lovely gals, Carole and Kim, and what fun.  I had to leave a bit early as I was recently asked to be on the Tarpon Springs Library Board of Directors by one of my students who was the president and this was the first meeting I attended.  I have been wanting to be more involved in our community and, as much as I am at our library, this is a good fit for me.

Friday, Rob took the Jolly Trolley up from Clearwater Beach to help us with some tv/stereo/computer/laptop/phone issues (mostly pilot error ones btw).  Kristen asked if we could watch Leighton so she could do some prep work for the upcoming school year so we took them both out to lunch to a new place in town we had been wanting to try, Tarpon Tavern.  The building use to be where I took yoga classes at Temple Goddess but the owner moved that business a couple of doors down.  The new owner of the building has done a wonderful job.  There is now a patio with fountains, gorgeous flooring and good food.
 We were remarking how similar Rob's head and Leighton's were, besides the hair.issues.

 I feed Leighton before we left and she was a delight.  It is amazing what a couple of cheerios can do for a little gal.
 I had the seafood flatbread which I highly recommend
 E had the pulled pork flat bread but what I loved about his order were the rosemary garlic w/parm fries...oh be still my heart.
 Leighton and her Papa.
 Leighton and her Nana


LyndaKay said...

How blessed you are!

madelineas said...

Do I see a tooth popping up in Leighton's sweet mouth. What is it with girls and no hair, My Madi was like that. Did you make your tops, you are moth dressed alike