Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Three days on Anna Maria Island with some really WILD women

 Frankly, darlings, this was one wild and crazy weekend.  I had been invited to teach a mini class by my dear friend, Janet Miller.  She said she would pay me in wine and honestly, I think I owe her another class, perhaps too.  Janet is a design team member at Kitchen Keepsakes, a challenge blog.
What Janet neglected to tell me was that these women were wonderfully demented.  I felt like I had known most of them forever.

Now, I am a walker.  So, early Sat. morning, I took myself off to the Pier for some coffee and chat with the local fishermen...oh yea!  and then I took pics as I walked and here are some of them:

 When I got back, I had not only locked myself out of Janet's beach house but my phone had no bars thus no reception.  Ummmmmmmmm long story short, I did NOT throw shells at Janet's windows and DID remember she had an intercom on the front door.  And so went the day...

We headed off to my fave place...St Armands' Circle (spelling error minus 1pt.) and who should be there to greet us but Her Royal Self

 And of course I just had to give her my views on the world's affairs, don't ya know?  Then it was on to the Columbia...Janet and peruse the menu time after time and it never fails...we always get the same thing...black bean soup and the 1905 salad,.

 Now some people do not know that Sangria is the drink of choice at the Colunbia but Suzanne sure had a winner with the chocolate martini.

Then it was back to the beach house for sunset, a walk on the beach with wine, a dip in the pool and moving right along to Sunday

 I started Sunday's walk aok but ended up almost swimming back to Janet's .  The surf was rising and the winds blowing but when the palm fronds and the acorns from the trees were smacking me in the face, it was time to boogie homeward.
 And, lo and behold...there was my dearest bff's bird, Fred, leading me on my way.  About five years ago, I met  a dear women, Vera, on a walk on this island.  Now Vera is not a high tech kinda gal so we only connect now and then during my morning walks.  This is her bird named after her late beloved husband, Fred.  She and I had a lovely talk this visit about the environment, beach erosion and Al Gore.  There are few people one can share these views with who truly understand.  (poor Clare and Janet, Anne and Pam are under the mistaken belief that Vera is my 'imaginary' friend...to that I say HA!)
 Sunday morning I taught a mini class with Creative Imaginations' Luminarte Twinkling H20s and Shimmering Mists.  Fun morning.
 The rest are scenes from my morning walk...enjoy!


Janet M said...

Love your post, love the pictures and frankly I'm still in doubt about Vera. Other than Vera everything else rings quite true.
So glad we got to the Colombian and that Suzanne had one wild time with her overflowing chocolate martini - it was quite a task to finish all of them.
Thanks for the great class and the new techniques.

madcow said...

Vera? Really? And now she has a dead husband/bird? I think a serious intervention is required. Either for you or for Vera's choice of hair do!

LyndaKay said...

yea...where's the picture of Vera? Just saying....

Love the photos.