Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catch up Sunday

My it is already the 16 th. of September...where has this month gone?  And I don't even have my fall decorations out.  Guess I should put that on the To Do list for tomorrow.  Last week went so fast and we were so busy I can hardly remember what all we did.

Oh yes...The Knee!  That consumed far more time that it should have and we still don't know what the lump is.  No one from my family dr. on down to the radiologist seem overly concerned so guess I'll find out from the ortho surgeon more when I make that appointment.  Why I had to wait 48 hours to make it, I'll never know.
We had Leighton on Thurs instead of our usual Wed. due to  The Knee (caps as it has taken on an entity of its own) I cropped with the Ladies Who Do Lunch Bunch on Tues. and then for lunch on Friday.   and E's b'day was on Friday with the whole family here.  Rob is staying with us through Monday as his apartments is being tented for termites and he moves the week end after that to St. Pete.

Sat. we headed out to Miss Vickies on the River for some cold beer and some music by a local band, The Bayou Boys.  Love Miss V's fried clams and gave the coleslaw and fries to Rob and E.  The guys headed up to Loggerheadz for some foot ball and I am enjoying the peace and

Now, you know I have some pics of the kids, right?  Here ya go

Have a great week and I will try try try to be a better blogger.  Thanks for reading!

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LyndaKay said...

I enjoyed the cute photos.