Monday, October 08, 2012

Another week gone in a flash...

We had our darling Leighton last Wed. and just can't get enough of her smiles and laughs...on Thurs, I picked up the boys by myself, headed up to Posh to meet up with Jacque Lynch when the kids Mama got home from work, and she and I headed off to Orlando in the pouring rain.  What a mess...we could barely see two feet in front of us, but we made it safe and sound to the Airport Marriott. We unpacked, had dinner in the restaurant and ran into the Creative Imaginations group on our way out.  Nice, nice people! 

We hit the road running on Friday morning, with tons of wonderful classes and projects.  Met some of the most wonderful women from all over the US and a couple of gals from Canada and even countries further away.  The classes were high energy, fast paced and I learned tons.  I took a total of five classes, attended a morning project blitz by the companies at the event, went to the make n take evening and a seminar presented by Whiz Bang! that was awesome.  Picked up some catalogs for Michele, the owner of the store, Posh Scraps, who sponsored Jacque and I for the 3 days.  Was glad that Michele could make it up for a couple of the classes one day and have dinner with us.

The Airport Merriott staff was the most helpful, friendly and efficient of any staff either Jacque or I can remember.  All of them went out of their way to make our stay as easy and enjoyable as possible.  We asked to share our thoughts with the manager when we were checking out. 

I didn't finish a single project so will be working on those at Posh tomorrow when the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch get together for our weekly crop at Posh Scraps.  Hopefully they will be on display at Posh before too long. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.


Janet M said...

It sounds like your classes and the trip all turned out successful. Glad Michelle got to join you , she's probably the nicest store owner I've ever met!!

Janet M said...

Jules - did you put that Obama voting stuff on the bottom of your blog posts? I may have to take a leave of absence from here. LOL