Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Only three Wed. to go...sigh!

That is how many more full play days we have with our baby girl (aka according to Papa, Bella for beautiful).  And today was such fun.  She is so into pointing and wanting to know the names of things.  She and I spent a good half hour watching in amazement today as two helicopters moved things around for the water company near our house.  We pointed and said, "Wow" and pointed some more.

 Sleeping on Nana.
 Feeding herself...half the hand goes in too.

 A mouth full of peas
 Playing cute!

As usual, we have a busy rest of the month and early start on Nov.  There is Susie and Justin's fish fry, the Haunted Forrest in the nature preserve next to our house, crops with the Ladies Who Do Lunch Bunch, the library board meeting, the jazz concert down in Clearwater, the Gecko Galz blog hop (Oct 29), the kids' school picnic and Halloween party, Posh Scrap's Garage Sale, our friends', Jadee and Kay, have b'days as does my sister's boyfriend, Dennis and H'ween when Kristen, the boys' adopted aunt NeNe and all the kids are coming over to dinner and trick or treat here. 

And then, Nov.1, the Grape Escape, the premiere fund raising event for the north Pinellas YMCA.  This year we are going VIP with a bunch of our friends.  We had such fun last year that we could not wait to get our tickets! 

And now that you have picked yourselves up off the floor for me posting two blog entries in one week...I wish you all...happy haunting.  Photos of our decos to follow soon, I promise

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madcow said...

Am I confused or wasn't it Halloween when our precious Mama K took the boys trick'n'treating in their little wagon .... and the "treat" very quickly after was our Bella?? What a beauty she is - I could just squeeeeeeeze her!