Saturday, October 20, 2012

The weekend is steam rolling ahead.

We had Landon on Friday while Colvin and Daddy recoup'ed from a long night with both boys under the weather.  Landon was the most well and after the group doctor appointment, he came home with Nana.  We put the top down and you would have thought the little guy was prom king in a homecoming parade.  He sat in the back in his baby (excuse me...almost big boy ) car seat and waved to everyone as we cruised through town. 

Papa brought both the boys home Halloween stickers from the grocery store and, after Landon's nap, he took to arranging like a veteran pro

We had a pre party at our house when Darryl and Katherine came over (D is our pool guy) and Chris came to pick up Landon.  Landon promised to show Colvin how to arrange his

Our next stop last night (Friday) was the One Year Birthday party at Loggerheadz.   From there, E and I roamed down to Orange St. where the Greek wine and food festival was just getting started.  After at gyro and some wine, we headed home.

This morning we cleaned house and I looked longingly at the new Architectural Salvage shop in town.  E promises tomorrow, after the Farmer's Market in town, we can stop and I can shop of wonders to alter and specifically an old window.

We headed out to Susie and Justin's fish fry held at Anderson Park here in Tarpon...hung out with some really fun people and ate and ate and ate...kudos to Justin and Denny for an amazing batter for the fish.   (had pics, can't find them)

And our next adventure for the weekend is a visit to the Haunted scared, be very scared. 

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