Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our busy week keeps getting busier

We pulled money out of savings and bought our tickets to Sidney and reverse trip home from Aukland.  Now I can finish our cruise registration and we can relax a bit on that front. 

Tues was group therapy at Posh with the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch and we had such a lovely time.  We ended up dining al fresco at Jack Willies on the water for lunch.  It is now under new ownership or managership or something because the service was outstanding and the food back to wonderful.  We can safely resume our visits here.  To Jacque's dismay the large bird that has a crush on her, is still in residence.  Oh, and the beer battered fries are back...we quit going for a while when they discontinued those and the service started going down hill last year.  See how happy we are

Poor Landon had a temp yesterday (Wed.) so we kept him home from school and took him to our house with our little girly girl, Leighton Kaye.  Colvin was not real wild about being the only one going to school and kept saying, "Me go to Papa's house." over and over.  Landon, Leighton and I took a nice long walk and I knew Landon was not feeling good when he didn't want to play on the play ground at the park.

 This morning when we were at the Grands' house, Kristen had Leighton all dressed up in spangly tutu skirt, black tights and a H'ween Hello Kitty shirt...what a doll.  Hoping to get a better picture this afternoon.

Hope your week is going well. 

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