Monday, November 05, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet One Year Old

 The kids hosted Leighton's first birthday party at their house yesterday afternoon with a luau theme.  They did a beautiful job and everyone had a fun time, especially the Birthday Girl.

 Leighton got tons of fun gifts and clothes.  Her Aunty Jo sent her two oh so cute outfits and the boys wood puzzles, their favorite kinds. 

 We picked out two outfits ourselves for our little Grand Girl.  This is a pretty for the holidays.

 Here is Aunty NeeNee and Landon.  If you ask the boys who they love, they always say "NeeNee!".
 For Leighton the event was more about the boxes and the bows.

 Aunty Vicky is another of Kristen's co workers who has really stepped up to the plate these last couple of years along with Aunty NeeNee.  These two women have give up a night each almost every week to help Kristen with the kids when Chris has had night classes.  And look at this darling little fuzzy jacket that Aunty Vicky got that cute, or what?
Our little gal had such a good time but I am willing to be the entire Owens Clan was an early to bed group last night!  Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

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