Thursday, November 01, 2012

Our little Trick or treaters

The kids went as Zoo animals and Kristen and "Aunty NeeNee" were the Zoo Keepers.  Here they are trick or treating at Nana and Papa's house.

and, of course, my camera battery was dying but did my best!

Landon did not want to put his candy in his bag.  I think he still remembered last year where he never saw a single piece! lol

This one was priceless with Colvin hanging onto Leighton's giraffe tail while she attempts a quick get away.

I can hardly wait til next year!


madelineas said...

Love the kids costumes, what a great idea

LyndaKay said...

Love the costumes and the last photo is so funny!!

Janet M said...

Cute idea, I love that Kristan always gets in the theme of it too. perfect choice being the zoo keeper.

altar ego said...

I love your zoo family. What a great idea! And of course, isn't life a bit zooey when the kids are that age?
Miss you!