Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Paradise

It was a lovely Thanksgiving this year.  E faced off with the bird and, as usual, won!  Rob came to visit for a few days and was so helpful getting the out door ground lights up and our new angel and the lights on the lanai wired and lit. 

Due to (as our friend, Clare, in NZ calls it) the 90 Day Cold (which also covers sinus infections, bronchitis, coughing , congestion etc etc) we did not have all the Christmas decorations up as we usually do but we are making progress.  Chris got the roof lights up with Rob's help and we all conspired, as usual, to keep E as far away from roofs, ladders etc as we possibly could. 

Here are a few pics from our Thanksgiving Day.  I love the ones of the kids and mixer beaters that Papa gave them from the mashed potatoes.  They are kind and sharing little guys and even gave Nana a lick or two off their beaters as well. 

I hope your holiday was a wonderful one.  Now turn on that Christmas music and let the merriment begin!

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