Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Even Santa takes time for lunch

We had been running errands and last minute shopping all day and around 2pm decided to stop for a late lunch.  One of our favorite places in Dunedin (besides Sea Sea Riders) is the Olde Bay Cafe at the Marina.  The view is lovely and the food divine.  This tiny place is a true taste of old Florida.  We got talking to some ladies who were getting ready to leave and it turns out that one of them graduated from the high school where we taught just a few years after E did.  We even knew some of the same people.  Talk about a small world. 

E and I always order the same thing...the corn and shrimp chowder and the mushroom and brie bisque.  We love these soups. 

The blue crab salad was on special so I ordered that...left the bread and the chips.  E had the Dunedin green salad and it was filled with goodies.  I'll have to try that one next time.

Our last stop before heading home was about the only grocery store I enter willingly and without yelling, screaming and dragging my heels...Fresh Market.  This place would put even Scrooge in a holiday mood.  If you don't believe me, just take a look:

I am heading back when Christmas gets closer for the stocking candy.  I think the foil wrapped Santas for the big kids and the Pez dispensers for the twins.  Leighton is not into sweets yet so may have to find some all yogurt treats for her, Christmas-y of course. 

I got tons done today.  The swags are up in the bedroom and the living room (both need to be totally redone next year.) and the holiday towels, candles and assorted decos are in our bath.  I have the big tree to do on Thurs and my dear little retro tree, Lucille II, in my workroom on Friday and I am DONE.  Next order of business...addressing the cards and printing out pics of the grands.

Hope you have that holiday spirit.

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