Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday with the Grands

Kristen had a workshop yesterday and Chris had class so we did a double shift.  While these occasional longer days are tiring, we have such fun that the time passes fast.  We picked the kids up after school and headed home to our house.  The boys had been requesting a visit to Nana Papa's house so everyone was happy.  The boys and I took a nice long nature walk picking up twigs, seeds, leaves and acorns to show Papa.  Then we turned on all the lights and oohed and aahed.  We did practice looking with our eyes and not our hands in front of the big tree (no decorations yet and we still use the fence when the Grands come over).

One of Santa's naughty elves had taken all the ornaments off their tree so the 3 of the kids spent a bit of time redecorating the tree that Papa got for just them.

Here are just a few pics.  The three of them kept us pretty busy especially now that Leighton has taken off walking which is more like a run.  I'm thinking she might be a red head ...look at that coloring.  Top two teeth are working their way through and she is still smiling through it all.

 Thirteen years ago today, my mother lost her long battle with cancer.  Not a single day goes by that I don't think about her, "talk" to her and try to be the Nana she was with my own wacky mix thrown in.  How she would have loved these 3 little kids.

Hope your holidays are going happily so far and continue to do so.


LyndaKay said...

Sweet photos. The grands are lucky to have had a great-grandmother that could pass on her terrific ways to their Nana.

Janet M said...

I'm sure your mom would have loved to see the kids and Kristan being a mom to them.

They are going to have so much fun this Christmas.

Pam said...

<3 them and you