Saturday, December 15, 2012

Parade Day in Tarpon Springs

Last year, we believed the time posted on the activities calendar for our town and ended up watching the tail end of the parade.  So, when the new calendar and the paper said ten, we went at nine just in case.  Laugh was on us as it did start at ten.  The boys and I passes some of the time manatee watching in Spring Bayou and Leighton and Mama tried to make time pass in their own fashion. The first two pics are from Friday with Landon singing one of his famous songs in the car on the way home from school and Leighton being cute.  Colvin hid his head in a blanket and refused to allow me to take a picture of him.

 The boys travel in style.  E and I found this wagon at one of the wonderful consignment shops here in town last year and this wagon has more than paid for itself.

 We were a bit of a parade unto ourselves.  And there is Colvin hiding from the camera again.
 Leighton was getting a bit antsy waiting for the parade but once it started she and her brothers were enraptured.
 Landon made himself downright comfortable for the viewing.
 They loved the Shriners on the motorcycles, the tiny cars and the other motorized vehicles the most.

 This is the now famous Tarpon Springs Spongers Marching Band who have been invited to march in the Macey's Day Parade next year.  They are awesome.

 And finally, that jolly old man himself, Santa! and Mrs. Clause too!  (and I can't believe I didn't get a single shot of any of the Shriners).  Many thanks to Uncle Tom Mueller for his help with the Grands today and his ever fun company.
Spending this time with the Grands today was just what the doctor ordered for a world gone mad it seems. 

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