Friday, December 07, 2012

Snow Place like Tarpon Avenue

We had the most enchanted evening tonight.  E and I headed down to Tarpon Tavern for drinks and dinner before the Grands and their parents could join us.  They went to their school for dinner and games first. 

We were fortunate to find a table inside or out as the place was mobbed and rightly so as it serves amazing food.  We'd put in our order and had our drinks thanks to our favorite waitress, Michelle, when E and I looked outside the window at all the people walking by.  We saw an older (than us even) couple walk up, study the specialty menu and put their names on the wait list .  It would have been at least an hour.  She used a cane and he was bent with osteo.  What cinched it for us was that they were holding hands.  E nodded to me and outside I went.  They joined us at our tiny table for two and we have made new friends.  Mary and Theo are a delight...and living proof there is a God and He sends us those we need when we need them.  We will stay in touch.  They are the people we want to be when we are a trifle older.  Hand holding is vastly under appreciated

and then the kids all showed up and the night truly became magic.  The boys were entranced by the snow which does not photo well and the reindeer...well, let's just say, we had to keep them from joining them in the enclosure.  The lights, the music and seeing this whole holiday fun through their eyes has brought Christmas home like never before...thank you Grands.

 Leighton's shirt says, "Santa loves me best!" and that is probably so true!  She loved the lights more than the snow and was bored beyond tears by the reindeer...maybe next year, baby girl.
My favorite...the boys were enamored by the snow, the lights and the reindeer.  This is such a magical Christmas.

Happy holidays!

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