Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Can it be Jan 8 already...how did I lose a week?

Wow! Time flies when you are having fun, or something like that, doesn't it.  E and I have been consumed the past few days with booking our side trips for our March adventure to Australia and New Zealand, finding a cool hotel for our first night in Sydney, a private tour of the Blue Mountains and getting everything squared away.

Monday, we headed down to the Ellerton Outlet Mall to get some trip necessities :  shirt for E, underwear for both of us, slacks and jeans that actually fit and that I can't take off without unzipping .  But the best part of the day was lunch at our favorite place down that way...Riverside Roos.  It was overcast and cool and too breezy for us to sit outside like we usually do but the burgers inside are just as juicy and good as the ones served outside.

Yesterday was my son, Rob's, 41st. birthday...happy day to you!  And congrats on your new job!

Today was our first Tues with the Grands.  We have assumed another day (actually 7 am -noon) so Chris can continue to pursue his degree.  There are no night classes or on lines offered this semester.  The kids slept til 8:15 and woke up happy and huggy.  E fixed them scrambled eggs which they love.  The boys are getting so good at cleaning up after themselves and Leighton has leaned, "no, we do not feed our breakfast to the dog".  If you ask her, she vigorously shakes her head NO.

and the boys....

We decided to stay at the kids' house today but have plans for Music with Mar and story time at the library for other Tuesdays.  We took a nice long walk, played outside where Nana showed the boys how to hit some home runs on their T ball set and Papa pushed them so high on their swings.

We even did some bird watching near the kids house and talked about lily pads.  The large white bird is a wood stork and we love it when they return to these parts.

Tomorrow is the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch crop and it seems eons since we have been together...dear friends, I can't wait.


LyndaKay said...

Adorable photos....how do you get the kids to keep their hats on? I never could.

Janet M said...

Love the pictures of the kids and I'm sure it keeps you really busy every minute. They are so cute - I always enjoy the photos.